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Wealth Migration - Nevada has a pro-growth tax policy

Mother Nature Network = Reno is a good bet

Second homes: Bet on having a good time in Reno.-click here-

Magazine puts

Reno in top 8

for retirement areas

A national magazine aimed at guiding retirees on where to move has recently named Reno one of its eight top retirement destinations.

The January/February 2013 edition of “Where to Retire” will profile Reno as a “hot town to snap up bargains now.

The magazine’s editor, Mary Lu Abbott, praised Reno’s current housing prices and outdoor activity options.

-Click Here- Reno Area Retirement Community

Northern Nevada Tax Advantages =
Nevada’s tourism industry provides a dependable source of tax revenues. This means Nevada’s tax burden on residents and business is one of the lightest in the nation.

• No personal income tax
• Property is assessed at 35% of appraised value. Reno: $3.66 per $100 of assessed value.
• Nevada has No Inheritance, Estate or Gift Taxes
• No corporate income tax
• No inventory,unitary or franchise tax

The Nevada State Legislature has passed a law to provide a property tax cap. Assembly Bill 489, signed into law on April 6, 2005, provides a partial abatement of taxes by applying a 3% cap on the tax bill of the owner’s primary residence.

Tax Advantages of Home Ownership =
When you buy a home, you get some tax advantages. You can deduct home mortgage interest, real estate taxes, and loan points.

For most people, the best home deduction is for your mortgage interest. You can also deduct annual taxes based on the assessed value of your property.

When buying a home - Reno Nevada Real Estate, you often have to pay points to the lender, in order to get your mortgage. These points can usually be deducted, as a prepayment of interest.

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